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Six Reasons To Choose Local Manufacturing

Your project is approaching the long-awaited stage of materialization, and your next step is the manufacturing phase. Perhaps you aren’t comfortable sending your product off to be produced in a faraway facility. You need a trusted manufacturer to partner with through the entire process – What better way to do this than with someone close to home? Shopping local isn’t just for the consumer!

Get Your “Unfair Share”! – Delta Technology May 2020 Newsletter

As you’ve no doubt seen and heard elsewhere, businesses are starting to open after the shutdowns due to COVID-19. As they open, consumer demand will ramp up again as people get back to work, and that will trickle down to manufacturing.

As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, the COVID-19 crash is the third economic slowdown I’ve been thru – the Dot-Com crash and the liquidity crisis being the other two. What I’ve noticed is that the recovery always presents an opportunity to gain an “unfair share” of Total Available Market (TAM). What I mean by that is when demand picks up, the companies that are prepared can gain more than the market’s annual growth by being ready to supply the demand. Companies that are prepared end up catapulting ahead of others simply because they strategically planned while their competitors were mainly focused on being hunkered down.

Six Reasons to Automate Your Food Processing Plant

Lately, food manufacturing and processing has been featured quite a bit in the news, and more consumers have recently become keenly aware of the requirements of strict hygiene, and how it relates to food safety. The solution to satisfying this need is strategically implementing critical technology into the food manufacturing process.

Local Inventor Forms New Group To Make Protective Gowns

Ahwatukee and other businesses are pitching in to help meet the needs of healthcare workers working at the frontlines of this global pandemic.
A grassroots group of businesses have organized as the Pandemic Response Equipment Manufacturing, or PREM, Group to manufacture isolation gowns to donate to local hospitals.

Streamlining the Process with Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

It’s a time-honored childhood tradition. Getting together with your buddies and building an impressive fort in the backyard. A ramshackle but charming sticks, old blankets, rocks, and leaves masterpiece proudly displayed with a pirate flag on top. This complicated process probably took days of construction and reconstruction—innovative engineering at its finest.

Staying the Course – Delta Technology April 2020 Newsletter

While the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring us all feelings of uneasiness, Delta Technology as an entity – as well as our in-house engineers – remain steadfast in our commitment and resolve to be available, ready, and willing to immediately help when and where we can. We want to help, and the “public-private partnerships” we are all seeing make us proud of our country, and hopeful for the future.