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Do Your People Have a Case of the Mondays?

If you have tried to hire new people for your business, you may have experienced how challenging it is to find and retain dependable people.  Robust human resources budgets are going unused because it is a struggle to find the right people to fulfill the number of openings across numerous industries. Most organizations view the […]

Full Speed Ahead — August

It’s heating up in the Valley of the Sun, both the temperature and the explosive growth.  We are seeing the Silicon Desert reinvent itself right in front of our eyes.  More and more companies are seeing the benefits of Arizona and are relocating here by the droves.  Combined with the ever-present challenge of finding workers, […]

Weigh Your Options for Innovative Packaging

Since the pandemic there has been an increased demand for online goods and services coupled with a significant shortage of workforce. This has created an opportunity for growth within the automation industry. However, with growth come challenges especially for warehouses needing to meet consumer needs. The pandemic increased the demand for automation solutions, but businesses have […]

Getting By With a Little Help from My Friends

Companies need to find ways to become more sustainable, green, eliminate waste, all while reducing overall costs. But how? This is possible with the help of automation and the right partnership. Partnerships are crucial to the growth of any business. A partnership can evolve itself in a variety of forms, from businesses wanting to invest […]

No Job Too Small

The trend in business processes is undeniably moving away from slow, manual methods and toward some form of automation. Automating processes have a number of benefits including faster time to market, increased quality, and lower costs… just to name a few. Although automation has done a great deal to help companies become more efficient and […]

Humans and Co-bots– The Perfect Marriage?

The “promise” to simplify and streamline our personal and work lives with robots is huge.  Although still not fully accepted by the general population, many feel there are several reasons automation can provide a happily ever after as the benefits of robotics are becoming clearer. Collaborative robots know as co-bots were designed with the goal […]

Small Business Automation is KEY — Sutter’s Mill KeyChain Case Study

  When you first think about automation, large projects are what is usually first to come to mind; however small automation solutions can be implemented quickly and rather inexpensively and can improve individual process productivity from 80-100%. This is a significantly higher return on investment than traditional big automation initiatives. One case below, illustrates the […]

Back Pain? Nobody has time for that!

“Oh my aching back!” is a statement all too common with ergonomic concerns (physical stress, strain, overexertion, repetitive motion, awkward postures, heavy lifting) plaguing the workforce for decades.  As we all continue to age it should be no surprise that work-related injuries will continue to rise. According to one study back pain affects about 62 percent (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) […]