Are you running out of floor space for projects you need to build?

Do you need sub-assemblies for a larger project but don’t have the capacity to manufacture them on your floor?

Would you like to have your people focused on higher value add projects?

If you have a fully engineered design with a substantially complete bill of material, Delta will provide competitive pricing on building the machine or sub-assembly. We take on your blueprint and create an extension of your manufacturing floor by building your machine to your specifications and delivering a finished product.

Our Build-to-Print service is the solution to help you leverage your resources, and take advantage of our decades of experience at building machines. It’s a smart approach to manufacturing that provides full turnkey assembly of your project including drafting, documentation, assembly, inspection, and testing. It incorporates the best technology, techniques, and project leadership to deliver your new fixture, component, or device based on your blueprint. Delta builds it your way.

We offer an extraordinary team of experts for our Build-to-Print customers:

  • Project managers with engineering backgrounds
  • Procurement team to help with obsolete or hard to find material
  • Production technicians with diverse skillsets
  • Design engineers (Software, Electrical, Mechanical, Controls)

At Delta, our expertise is in designing and developing robust processes. We understand the steps it takes to bring your idea from concept to execution. So, if your design is not complete or is in need of additions for the bill of material, we will partner with your team to create a plan based on any standard blueprint or model you’ve already developed. The more complete your design, the more competitive Delta can be.

Build-to-Print – another World Class Service from Delta Technology. Please contact us for more information or to obtain a quote for your BTP needs.

Delta’s Build-to-Print Capabilities: 

  • Build-to-print manufacturing
  • Rework, remanufacture and repair
  • Custom BTP equipment/cabinet assembly
  • Final product and subassembly manufacturing
  • Panel wiring and electrical enclosure fabrication & assembly
  • Custom mechanical manufacturing & assembly
  • Custom and production cable assembly
  • Component sourcing
  • Metal fabrication and mechanical assembly
  • Turnkey systems
  • Equipment modernization and retrofits

  • Fixtures and tooling
  • Advanced machine vision system
  • Complex motion control
  • Machine safety
  • Precision Tool Machining
  • Fabrication and Welding
  • UL508A Control Panel Assembly and Integration
  • Hazardous Environments Systems (NFPA Class I/II, Div. I/II)
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Solidworks and 3D CAD Engineering Services
  • Installation and Equipment Qualification


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