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Industrial Automation: the Vaccine to Keep Your Supply Chain Healthy and Thriving

While the spread of the corona virus continues and the distribution of vaccines has only begun, essential businesses such as food production facilities have been forced to find ways to continue operations with new health procedures. Throughout 2020 it has become clearer than years prior that an effective logistics plan to meet customer demand and growth is now more essential than ever. Companies around the globe are now seeing automation no longer as a nice to have but a necessity to keep their supply chains thriving.

According to research firm Gartner a major trend they predict for 2021 is: “The pace of automation is accelerating, with more organizations creating fully automated value chains.”

As organizations wrapped up 2020 and eagerly entered 2021 automation projects have begun to also ramp back up. The need to protect employees as they return to offices, factories and warehouses has become top priority. Most companies are focused on exploring creative ways to keep their employee’s safety at the forefront, especially when physical presence and proximity are required.

With the global industrial automation equipment market worth an estimated $16.5 billion, this technology will play a key role in this process.  Robotics and machines have been instrumental in making workplaces that could present hazards to humans safer and more efficient. Although there have been concerns voiced in the industry about robotics causing job lose the majority believe the use of robots will actually create more jobs. Humans and robots have and will continue to work together to create a more efficient, productive and safer work environment. Robots still have limitations when operating in highly controlled environments and most times need to be managed by humans.

Although automation has been implemented in warehouses and manufacturing plants since the 70s, many companies may not see it as a simple solution to their existing system. As automation needs continue to grow, companies will need to expand the use of automated systems and think outside of the box to stay ahead of its competition.  It really is about finding the sweet spot so employees can stay safe and productivity doesn’t suffer.  This combination will be instrumental during the pandemic and into the foreseeable future.  If you have been putting off considering automation, now is the time to act.

Sounds overwhelming, right?  It doesn’t need to be.  Let Delta Technology be your guide to automation.  Delta Technology provides solutions and integrated automation systems that:

  • Lower production costs
  • Increase throughput
  • Enhance safety
  • Improve quality
  • Lower your overall risk

As a small to medium business, automation mistakes can be costly.  Leverage your Delta Team to consult, design, engineer, and when needed, implement your system.

Automation is a journey.  Let Delta Technology be your guide.