Delta Technology has been leveraging our industrial automation expertise to create success for companies in aerospace.  We combine the latest technology with process innovation and high quality standards to create additional competitive advantages and business growth.

In aerospace, parts must be produced to the highest quality standards with exacting precision, often with exotic materials that have higher strength and light weight. The complex and demanding requirements are a good fit for our simplifying processes. And increasingly automation is used to improve manufacturing competitiveness.


 Robotic Machine Tending (CNC Lathes, Mills and Machining centers)

SLA Material Management

Robotic Deburring

Complex Vision Inspection systems

Integrated CO2 Laser Systems (cutting, engraving, marking)

 Packaging (stacking, boxing, palletizing, labeling)

Fastening (rivets, screws, nuts)

Joining (ultrasonic, adhesive, thermal, laser)

Parts Inspection & Sorting (vision, gauging, weighing)

 Parts Handling (pick & place, robotic)

 Parts Feeding (continuous, conveyor, vibratory, pneumatic)

 Testing (flow, pressure leak, electrical, destructive, non-destructive)

 Cleaning (high pressure de-ionized water, ultrasonic)


 Error Proofing


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