For the consumer products industry we offer manufacturing solutions that improve alignment with customer needs. The latest technology can offer automated solutions that are cost effective, with high ROI.

In an industry where fractions of a penny make a huge difference in the ability to competitively produce your product, upstream material delivery, receiving and input into the process line is crucial to the success of the processing system.  Downstream systems must have the ability to handle intense variety and volume of products.

Delta Technology offers process automation that drives the efficiency and utilization of existing process automation and creates new systems that are well suited for consumer products.


Material Handling (fabric, thin-film, paper, metal, plastic)

Packaging (stacking, boxing, palletizing, labeling)

Joining (ultrasonic, adhesive, thermal, laser)

Parts Inspection & Sorting (vision, gauging, weighing)

Parts Handling (pick & place, robotic)

Parts Feeding (continuous, conveyor, vibratory, pneumatic)

Integrated CO2 Laser Systems (cutting, engraving, marking)

Labeling & Automated Label Apply

Complex Vision Systems (high speed verification, fill height, weight)

Robotic Palletizing

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